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While other headphone brands chase an isolated listening experience, we’re chasing something else altogether…

More and more, people are isolating themselves from one another. Not just in their homes, but out on the streets, on public transport and in cafes and bars. Noise-cancelling headphones block out unwanted noise, but also the day-to-day interactions we’d otherwise enjoy.

AfterShokz believes in a different vision of the future. A vision that brings people together, rather than keeping them apart. We’ve been working tirelessly to realize this vision – and it’s why we created our Open Ear Bone Conduction Headphones.

The leading open ear sports headphone with bone conduction technology

What is Bone Conduction Technology?

When you eat cookies, the cracking sound you hear is creating by vibration traveling through your facial bones to your inner ears. Taking advantage of this natural phenomenon, bone conduction transducers guide micro-vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering the ears themselves.

We set out to create a product that brought people together, but we also realized that our headphones brought safety benefits over traditional closed ear headphones. Inattention, or inability to hear your surroundings is a huge safety issue on our streets… and not just for pedestrians. Professional athletes – runners and cyclists, for example – often use music to help them focus and boost their performance, but they also need to be aware of their surroundings to keep them safe.

So not only do our headphones let the outside in, they also help to keep you safe.

Bone Conduction

Vibrations go through your cheekbones and deliver sound directly to your inner ear (cochlea), bypassing the eardrum.

Air Conduction

Sound waves travel through the ear canal and eardrum, delivering sound to the cochlea.

Still chasing the dream

Over the years, we’ve relentlessly chased the best combination of performance and build quality, with the mission of continually improving our products, and delivering the best customer experience possible.

Sports enthusiasts demand the best. The best sound quality, the best battery life, the best sweatproofing and the lightest weight. We’ve worked with professional athletes day and night, chasing incremental performance improvements, with each generation of AfterShokz products improving on the last. Our latest AfterShokz product, Aeropex, represents the culmination of that work. We believe it’s the best open-ear sports headphone on the market.

Let's be open!

We’ve come a long way, but we’re just beginning our journey.
If you share our vision, come and join us!


With nothing inside or over your ears, enjoy total awareness while you listen