Full disclosure – I was gifted a pair of AfterShokz Aeropex in return for a review. I was not paid for this review, to ensure I can give my honest and unbiased review. 

Firstly, the Aeropex are the newest range of AfterShokz bone conduction headphones. In a nutshell, these headphones generate miniature vibrations which travel through your cheekbones. These vibrations go directly to your inner ear, allowing you to listen to music and stay safe whilst out on the roads. Admittedly I was sceptical when I bought my first pair, but after using the AIR headphones for over a year I’m a complete convert and honestly don’t use anything else when outside running, cycling etc.

So how do they compare to previous ranges? 

The vibration is tilted against the face at 30 degrees, which allows for a better base and fewer vibrations. I really noticed the difference in this, compared to my AIR headphones, even with the volume at full.

The Aeropex can be submerged into 1 meter of water, which if I’m honest doesn’t make too much of a difference to me. But, it’s good to know you can run in the rain without breaking your headphones. However, one huge difference was the weight, they’re 30% smaller and 13% lighter which you can really feel when wearing or even just holding them.

The main complaints I had on the previous headphones was the sound leakage, if I had my music on loud those next to me could usually hear it. But, with the Aeropex they’ve made a few changes and I’ve noticed a huge change in sound leakage, which means less people snooping on what I’m listening to!

Your questions answered:

Do you notice the vibration? 

When I first tried the AfterShokz AIR, it did take a little while to get used to it. But after that you honestly don’t notice, and with the Aeropex I doubt you’d even notice upon first wear.

Are they comfortable?

Yes! You barely notice wearing them, that was the main attraction of this brand. The minimalist design, and the fact they don’t move an inch.

Are they worth the cost?

At £149.95 they’re not cheap, but I am all for cost per wear, so whilst the price tag might seem steep, they’re a quality product which will last you a long time and is absolutely worth spending the money on.

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