by AfterShokz on March 08, 2020

Hi Jackie,

wowwww, 57! I am pretty sure our open-ear headphone fits your needs! If you are not sure, please find the local store to test out! Link here:

by AfterShokz on March 08, 2020

Hi Sara,

We glad you love our headphones. Enjoy!

by Sara on March 08, 2020

Having recently bought these headphones – wow, what a game changer! Worth every penny!

by JACKIE JOHNSON on March 08, 2020

Good Morning
I have just started running at 57 years old! I have bought about 4 lots of headphones and because I sweat I thing that it gets into my inner ear and its causing discomfort, this is the only thing I can think of, I was wondering if your cheekbone type might help me? I didn’t want to pay all this money and them be the same. Can you please advise. I am running my first half marathon in October and we are allowed to wear earphones so I might buy if you can recommend them.

Kind regards
Jackie Johnson


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