It can be a daunting thing to jump back in the saddle post injury or accident. We spoke with some of our ambassadors to find out the best way to keep moving forward. 

1. Don’t be afraid to get help. 

 Connect with doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, coaches, friends, family - anyone who can help you rehabilitate! Get outside help so you don't recover using guesswork. Having friends with you when you get back on the bike for the first time helps with confidence too, "it's always better together". 

2. Strength and mobility training are your friends! 

People tend to forget that strength and mobility can play a big part in assisting when you pedal, so to help a recovery and avoid injury in the future, look to incorporate strength and stretching into your riding routines. Using regular leg, core and even arm work can help adjust your position on the bike and how you use it. Stretching before and after a session helps increase a range of motions across your muscle groups. With regular strength exercises you can expect a few less aches and pains. A strong body is a stable body! 

3. Understand the importance of a rest day and not pushing yourself too hard, too quick. 

It's great getting going again, but protect yourself from future injuries and listen to your body when it needs rest and recovery! When you first start out again, don't clock your first ride as a cool 100 miles. Ease into it and give yourself a chance to take it step by step, pedal stroke by pedal stroke.  

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