Dear Santa Claus: What gift would suit my whole family this Christmas?

Christmas is a time for festive cheer, and celebrating life, love, and friendship. It’s a time for eating our favourite meals, singing carols, and warm crackling fireplaces. It’s a time for giving and receiving, too.

So whilst you’re making memories this year, don’t let the dilemma of choosing gifts affect your mood! Find gifts that will benefit the whole family.

AfterShokz bone conducting open-ear headphones transmit musical vibration through the cheekbones. It means you can be aware of the world around you whilst still hearing your music in comfort.


ØYour kid’s awareness of the vehicle coming from behind. 

ØYour old grandfather the ability to hear music clearly

ØYour other half a musical sporting companion

ØYour friends a better way to listen to music on the go


Ø No more pain from ear buds wedged in the ears 

Ø No discomfort and sweat from over-ear headphones 

Ø Never having a tangled mess of headphone wires 

Ø Not having earbuds that are forever falling out

So, with something for the whole family, AfterShokz can provide the perfect gift for everyone to show them how much you care!

What’s more, there are special discounts of up to 30% from 18/12/19 10.00am - 24/12/19 11.59pm.

So get your hands on the deal today and look forward to seeing the look of surprised delight on your loved one’s faces.

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