8 Reasons to Gift AfterShokz headphones in this Christmas

1. Outstanding Value with our Christmas Offer

From 18th December at 10am, until midnight on Christmas Eve, there will be one final chance to shop our best prices this year: 

30% off Air: Our most popular model

10% off Aeropex: Our latest flagship headphones

10% off Xtrainerz: Swimming headphones with built-in MP3

20% off Titanium: Our entry level headphones

Click the link and get a reminder when the deal goes live on 18th Dec. 

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2. Unique open-ear design

They don’t go in or over the ears. They sit in front of them, sending sounds via mini vibrations to the inner ears.

It’s game changing because with open ears, they can listen to music, podcasts and calls, all whilst still hearing your surroundings. 

3. Safety and comfort above all else

The wraparound headphones and bone conduction technology allows for optimal comfort, however they choose to be active. What’s more, the wearer’s safety is uncompromised as they can still hear what’s going on around them.

4. 6M units already sold globally

They’ll be joining a fast growing number of listeners who now make bone conduction their headphones of choice.

5. Recommended by others: Featured in Engadget’s fitness gadget gift guide

Over the years, we’ve been relentless in chasing the best combination of performance and build quality. It hasn’t gone unnoticed! Amazon reviews us at 4.4, and Endgadget recommends us, too.

Check out what they had to say about us right here:


6. Approved by England Athletics

The runner in your life will be delighted to know they can bring AfterShokz with them to their races. Bone conducting headphones are the only earphones approved for use in all road races under UK Athletics Rules of Competition. Meanwhile, conventional earphones that go in, on, or over the ears are not permitted.

7. Designed with an active lifestyle in mind

AfterShokz can come on their fitness journey with them, whatever that might mean to them. Be it in the water,on the bike, or by foot – however they choose to be active, we’ve got a model ofAfterShokz that can come too.

8. Stay healthy together with your family and friends

The open ear design means you could embark upon a fitness journey together. Hear one anothers encouragement, chatter, or even grumbling, as you listen to your favourite tunes simultaneously. These would make the perfect companion for a combined resolution for fitness in the new year.

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