by AfterShokz on March 08, 2020

Hi Aaron,

We are very glad our headphone helps out! Many thanks for loving AfterShokz and we will not stop to provides the best sports headphones!

Many thanks.

by Aaron Butterworth on November 29, 2019

Having bought the “Airs” it has changed my life .
I been deaf since a few days old I’m now in my forties, never realised how much of a song I actually miss regarding instruments .
More importantly having to wear hearing aids meant either having to take them out for ear buds ( so I’m now jeopardising my health and safety or other around me when I’m out and about) or only listening for short periods due to over ear phones hurting by pressing the aids into my head .
The beauty of being able to have a phone conversation on mobile via the hand free with out electrical interference is also a big game changer for me with these bone conductors, my kids are really impressed with them so I’m buying a few pairs for them at Christmas for the sake of safety as they will still hear surroundings whilst listening to their devices .
So A huge Thankyou from me for producing these small devices that really are a Massive ,Major game changer for my lifestyle .
All the best for future

Aaron Butterworth


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